AMBBIS is the result of combining marketing with magic. Due to the necessity of marketing campaigns to find new ways to impact the consumer, we discover that magic was the perfect tool to get the WOW effect on him.

Magic allows us to link in a different and powerful way the client needs with the emotions rekindled by your brand or product. That way we obtained a unique engagement with the user that would not be able to stop talking about your product.

Be ready to astonish and engage with your new marketing strategy!

Introduce the WOW effect in:


Make a substantial difference from your competence and reach media and consumer’s attention


Astonish them anywhere anytime


Get your target hooked in your next TV ad


Spread your messages in a powerful way


Viralize your content


Attract potential clients

Los Tecnomagos are the founders of this innovative agency in Spain. Educated in marketing and telecommunications engineering they have substitute the magical top hat for IPADS, mobile phones and social networks. They have performed in several countries as United States, France, England and Holland.

Besides, their entrepreneurship spirit made them create the firm Abracadapp. Considered by the press as the R+D of magic, even David Copperfield has shown his interest on their creations.

We have all the tools to integrate the latest technology into your next marketing magical action.

Los tecnomagos bring the magic of the future to your enterprise!

Case studies

Guinness – #Exploretheextraordinary

Press conference

How can we drive the most impact to your next press presentation? Guinness wanted to astonish the national press in its annual event in Madrid. Analyzing the benefits of the beer, it was crucial to communicative in an effective way the mythical 119,5 seconds of the perfect Guinness draft. Ambbis transformed the beer draft in a visual and magical experience which will be difficult to erase from the minds and lens of the assistants. From making a Guinness beer appear from an Ipad to make a Guinness’ glass float in the middle of the air while serving the beer in the mythical 119,5 seconds to explore the extraordinary.

TAG HEUER Connected

Media presentation – External event

After a big sold out in United States, the first smartwatch of high end arrived to Spain thanks to Tag Heuer. We developed a special App to perform powerful and customized magic with the Tag Heuer connected, an Ipad and the mobile phones of everybody who attend the event.
Both events: in Barcelona (Rabat jewelry) and Madrid (Perodri jewelry) were a success in influencers presence and conventional medias.

Orange “phone fund”


When we need to astonish, magic is the best allee to any advertaiser. In this case, one of our clients, Orange decided to give the magic touch in one of its marketing campaigns in United Kingdom. We designed a method to make big words appear while the actors were talking on phone and a coin manipulation to illustrate how can you save money when hiring Orange services.


Internal communication

The HR team of Isdin was bored of using PowerPoint in every annual presentation of their objectives in front of CEO and other members of the company. Together we were able to integrate magic in their speech obtaining a fresh and powerful presentation. Not only that, in the training sessions we improve cooperation, creativity and active listening skills.



Wolters Kluwer annual conference is a key space for the enterprise to show its stakeholders how the future of tax and accounting is evolving. The callenge in this occasion was to show through our entrepreneurship skills and visual magic creations how Wolters Kluwer is the perfect ally in providing customized software accounting solutions to the SME (small and medium enterprise).



DSM is a global science based company active in health, nutrition and materials with solutions that nourish and improve performance. It provides their customers with products (vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes and eubiotics) and innovative tailor-made solutions to succeed enhancing both profits and environmental sustainability.

It was a big challenge with just 1 week time to prepare a full customize 40 minutes show for the company. The result couldn’t be more satisfying, with a constant dialogue with the firm we were able to create powerful magical effects to present in a visual and consistent way their technical products and the key messages of the company.


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